Spruce at Phoenix Park, Tanglin

Still on our mission ticking off the brunch-spot list, my friend and I decided to visit Spruce on a Saturday right before our kayaking adventure. 

Spruce was once overly hyped and reservation was extremely difficult. Thankfully this time the hype has slightly subsided. We made a reservation for 1230pm and the restaurant was packed. 

Apparently Spruce at Tanglin was not as "pretty" as I imagined. The restaurant was consisted mainly of the al fresco seating area, and sadly it was poorly lit - more like an indoor area with no air conditioning decorated with some leaves. 

Breakfast menu selection was quiet extensive and unique. My friend ordered the Spruce Signature Steak Benedict ($31) and I ordered the Cajun Prawns Benedict ($25). We waited for some time before our food was served. 

Cajun prawns benny - toasted bagel, poached eggs, dill hollandaise, hot sauce

I loved the presentation of both our dishes. My Cajun Prawns Benedict was beautifully stacked and decorated with edible flowers. In terms of taste, I thought my dish was not bad, just not exceptional. The bagel was okay, the poached egg was good, but the prawns was rather off. They were seasoned well and I could taste the cajun zing, but the prawns were not as fresh as they should be. Overall, perhaps an addition of a side vegetables would complete the dish. 

Spruce signature steak benny - ciabatta, poached eggs, black pepper hollandaise
My friend's Spruce Signature Steak Benedict indeed deserved the "signature" title. I was salivating just by looking at the succulent steak chunks. This was a clever play of steak in breakfast. The dish as a whole package tasted pleasant, and I love the juicy beef cubes! If I had to come back, this would be the dish I would order. 

Iced tea and spruce signature mac and cheese

Both of us were still hungry after finishing our benedicts, so we decided to order the Mac and Cheese ($10) which was sold as a side dish. The Mac and Cheese had a nice golden brown crust on top, and creamy runny cheesy blend at the bottom. My friend who is a big fan of cheesy dish love the dish, although in my opinion I would prefer more cheddar in my mac and cheese. 

I would have to say that the drink selections at Spruce is less than other places. No fancy milkshake, no fancy hot drinks. I had Iced Tea ($6) as drinks and my friend had the Spruce Lemonade with Mint ($6).

Overall, my experience at Spruce was not bad. The dishes were creative and different from your typical brunch restaurants. They were pleasant to eat but perhaps not the best of the bests. The downside was the al fresco seating that did not exert a positive sunny brunch aura. Will I come back? Yes. 


320 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247980

+65 6836 5528

My Rating: 4/5


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