Platypus Kitchen

My primary school buddy was visiting Singapore and we arranged a catch up over a casual dinner. Both of us are foodie and my buddy requested for a new, unique, and cheap restaurant in Singapore. After some research, I dediced to give Platypus Kithen a try. 

The concept of Platypus Kitchen is probably similar to Saveur - good Italian food with affordable price. It is strategically located at Bugis Junction, and I was impressed by the decor of the restaurant. I was also excited when flipping over the menu because boy, they have an wide impressive range of pasta! There are meat and seafood selections that you can choose from. 

I decided to order the Spicy Diablo Crab and Prawn ($18.50) and my friend the Truffle Carbonara Tagliatelle ($16.50). We shared the Crab Cake ($12.90) as appetizer. Frankly speaking I kind of had a higher expectation for Platypus Kitchen from all the good reviews, and especially for the crab cake. However, when both or pasta dishes were served to the table, I was immediately disappointed. 

Spicy 'diablo' crab and prawn: egg tagliolini, prawns, crab claw, spicy egg sauce
My Spicy Diablo Crab and Prawn is like a bed of pasta on top of "greasy" oil sauce. To me, the sauce tasted like aglio olio gone bad. It was topped with a lump of crab meat that was kind of fishy. Needless to say, the prawns were not fresh either.

Truffle carbonara tagliatelle: egg tagliatelle, double smoked bacon, mushrooms, truffle egg yolk sauce

My friend's Truffle Carbonara Tagliatelle was not far from my pasta. The dish was drenched in oil instead of silky creamy carbonara. The mushrooms and bacon looked ordinary to me, but at least we could smell the fragrance from the truffle from this dish. 

Crab cake:  potato fritters, crab claw meat, lemon dipping sauce

This might be weird, but yes, our Crab Cake (appetizer) came when we were in the middle of finishing our pasta. I hoped this dish would be the savior of the dinner but alas, my hope was crushed. The crab cake tasted really salty, but thankfully the lemon juice helped by adding slight acidity. The sour dipping sauce was not bad too. I could tasted the crab meat, but they were rather dry and not juicy. 

Originally we decided to order some dessert, but after experiencing the pasta, we went to Ah Chew Desserts instead.

I was really disappointed with my experience at Platypus Kitchen. It was in no way as good as its fellow "gourmet yet affordable" restaurant Saveur. And in fact, $15+ for a pasta dish was not that cheap either. I would not return to Platypus Kitchen until they did a revolutionary attempt on the cooking. 

Bugis Junction, #03-29/29A

200 Victoria St, Singapore 188021

+65 6333 4434

My Rating: 1/5


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