Lola's Cafe

Lola's Cafe is probably one of the most hyped brunch spot in the island. People claimed that the food was good and the price was pocket friendly. It was so good that you might have to wait hours for a table as they do not accept reservation. 

My friends and I decided to patron Lola's Cafe for dinner on Saturday. I arrived at around 5pm but dinner was only served on 6pm onward. The size of the restaurant was pretty small. Tables were closely placed that you almost could hear what the other parties were talking about. We were seated at a larger table at the back close to the proximity of the toilet. 

While waiting for the time to pass, we ordered some drinks and appetizer for sharing. I ordered the Sakura Green Tea, while my friends had the Mesquite Pale Ale and Lindemans Apple Cider

Mesquite pale ale
Lindemans apple cider

For appetizer, we ordered Honey Paprika Crispy Wings ($10). I love the presentation of the wings - served on a wooden cutting board. The wings were perfectly seasoned, and I like the combination of the sweet honey with a hint of zing in the sauce. They were crispy in the outside and tender in the inside - which is the criteria of good chicken wings. 

Honey paprika crispy wings

It was finally dinner time and we ordered our mains: Coastal Seafood Spaghetti in Tomato and Anchovies Sauce ($14), Bacon and Mushroom Spaghetti in Truffle Cream Sauce ($14), Swimmer Crab Spaghetti in Spicy Tomato Cream Sauce ($15), and Beer Battered Fish and Chips ($15).

My Coastal Seafood Spaghetti in Tomato and Anchovies Sauce was disastrous. I couldn't believe our server recommended this when I asked for a recommendation. The seafood was fishy and not fresh at all. The tomato sauce was mediocre and tasted like it was off the can. No further explanation needed. 

Coastal seafood spaghetti in tomato and anchovies sauce: shrimp, mussel, squid, white wine, anchovies, garlic, tomato

My friend's Bacon and Mushroom Spaghetti in Truffle Cream Sauce seemed pretty good. Truffle oil aroma was distinct and fragrant, and the sauce was okay. Not out of the world but could be considered as a plate of good cream based pasta. 

Bacon and mushroom spaghetti in truffle cream sauce: pork bacon, swiss mushroom, truffle oil, parmesan, cheese

The third pasta dish that we had was the Swimmer Crab Spaghetti in Spicy Tomato Cream Sauce. Thankfully the crab was not fishy like my seafood. The chili crab sauce was pretty tasty and seasoned well. I would recommend ordering this dish if you insist to have a pasta dish at Lola's Cafe. 

Swimmer crab spaghetti in spicy tomato cream sauce: crab, white wine, chili, garlic, basil, tomato, cream

The last mains was the Beer Battered Fish and Chips. I had not had the chance to try the fish, but according to my friend it tasted pretty good. The fries were okay and crispy.

Beer battered fish and chips: pacific cream dory, belgium wheat ale, straight-cut potato fries, tartar

We chatted in the restaurant after our meal and decided to order a dessert: Sea Salt Chocolate Tart with Coffee Cream ($5). The tart was perhaps the nicest food we had in the restaurant. The chocolate ganache was decadent, and the coffee cream was shaped prettily in a quenelle, smooth, and yummy. I love the  perfect bitterness and not overpowering sweetness of the dessert.

Sea salt chocolate tart with coffee cream: dark chocolate ganache, bailey, espresso, sea salt

In my opinion, my experience at Lola's Cafe was utterly disappointing. I heard so many good reviews but it turned out to be terrible. If a restaurant still serves fishy seafood, how good can it be? I definitely couldn't comment on the brunch menu as I did not try them but probably the dinner menu made a good overall representative. 

Lola's Cafe

5 Simon Road, Singapore 545893
+65 6284 0349

My Rating: 1/5


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