Symmetry Cafe

My most favorite brunch spot in Singapore is Five and Dime (read about my brunch visit here and dinner visit here), and the next contender that is very close would be Symmetry Cafe.

Symmetry Cafe is a cozy cafe located at Jalan Kubor, close to Haji Lane neighborhood in Bugis. The cafe is strategically located at the corner between Jalan Kubor and Victoria St, allowing plenty of spaces for guests to sit with quite a good number of crowds passing by.

Once I entered the cafe, I immediately fell in love with the decor. From the finish of the walls and floors, the tables and chairs, and the plenty of decorations filling the room - the cafe gave a hip indie atmosphere. Definitely very different from the elegant and clean feel Five and Dime gave, but hey, creativity and art are always a bonus! 

The very creatively and nicely designed brunch menu for 2014

I love the presentation of the menu. The illustrations were just so "old-school" and yum. I decided to order the Symmetry Eggs Sur Le Plat ($24), and my friends ordered the Symmetry Eggs Benedict ($22) and the Truffle Eggs Mushroom ($21).

Symmetry eggs sur le plat: pork sausages, smoked paprika, cherry tomato coulis, creamed baby spinach, eggs, cheddar cheese, toast

The Symmetry Eggs Sur Le Plat reminds me of the Turkish "baked egg" dish. It tastes not bad, a well balanced combination of sour and salt. The only thing that I did not really fancy was the sausage - they tasted like grocery-store-bought lower end sausages. Other than that I love how they included the creamy and cheesy component from the baby spinach into this otherwise ordinary dish.

Symmetry eggs benedict: low temperature eggs, portobello mushroom deluxe, bacon, aged cheddar, hollandaise
The Symmetry Eggs Benedict was not bad either. My friend ordered this dish and her being a "benedict guru" was pretty satisfied. Personally I loved the creativity they had by adding mushrooms into the benedict. But the interesting point was that the egg on top was not really a poached egg, but some sort of egg poached with a different method.

Truffle eggs mushroom: scrambled eggs, sauteed mushroom, truffle oil, berries butter, toast

This dish, the Truffle Eggs Mushroom was clearly the star of the day. Once the dish arrived at our table, I immediately fell in love with the fragrance of the truffle oil. Besides, who wouldn't love such a unique presentation - and all the various components that made up the dish? No further explanations needed.

Upon finishing our meals, we decided to stay longer and chat in the cafe, so we ordered the Truffle Fries ($12) to share.

Truffle fries, topped with some freshly shaved parmesan

I would say that Symmetry serves one of the bests Truffle Fries in town. And guess what, the serving portion is huge too! Will definitely come back for more.
We also ordered some lattes. The art can be drawn according to your request. My friend requested the teddy bear, and I randomly received a strawberry head for my hot chocolate with marshmallow.

Caffe latte and cappucino with latte art
The lattes and my hot chocolate joining

We sat indoor for a while until our waiter moved us to the al fresco dining to clear the inside tables for dinner. The al fresco dining was a hit too! Who did not love sitting outside cozily. The three of us really enjoyed our time and meal at Symmetry Cafe. This place is definitely in the list of my favorite cafes in Singapore. 

The al fresco dining

Symmetry Cafe

9 Jalan Kubor, Singapore 199206
+65 6291 9901

My Rating: 4.5/5


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