Kith Café at Park Mall

In the recent years, brunch has been getting more and more popular in Singapore. With the grow of the brunch hype, a lot of new indie brunch spots are emerging sporadically in Singapore. In the mean time, Kith Café at Park Mall might have been one among the oldest brunch spots in town. If you're looking for a good eating spot around Orchard, Kith Café should be on your list. 

On a Saturday afternoon, my good friend and I opted Kith Café as our brunch spot prior to a special gift hunting session in Orchard. The café is located on the street level of the mall, and the entrance is from the outside (so don't go inside the mall trying to find the café, because you wouldn't be able to). Kith Café has a plenty spacious al fresco seating area, cleverly shaded and designed in minimalist style. The indoor seating area is kept the same theme, clean and monochrome. When we arrived at around 1pm, we had to put our names and contact number on the list. They gave us a call when the table was ready. It took us about 30 minutes. 

I ordered the Big Breakfast ($15.50), and my friend ordered the Bacon Sandwich ($14). 

Big Breakfast: 2 eggs, smoked bratwurst, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, toast

My Big Breakfast was satisfyingly "big". Nevertheless, there was no "stand out" points that I could remember of this dish. The scrambled eggs, the bratwurst, the sauteed mushrooms, the bacon, the baked tomatoes - all were nice but mediocre. Although one thing I could remember was the scrambled eggs being more watery that what I'd prefer. I asked for brioche, but didn't think I was served brioche on my plate. My pack butter was served melted - I asked for a replacement and the friendly waiter quicky replaced mine with a couple new cold packs. 

Bacon Sandwich: bacon, avocado, poached egg, mayo, tomato, foccacia

My friend's Bacon Sandwich was much more special than my Big Breakfast. I mean, who combined bacon and avocado and poached egg in a sandwich? This sandwich was creatively and attractively prepped. Of course, if you're bored off typical brunch choices. ORDER. THIS. 

I had the Iced Chocolate ($6) and my friend had the Iced Matcha Latte ($6). I was satisfied with my Iced Chocolate, and I would say it was really hard to rock a glass of iced chocolate, which Kith Café did perfectly. The same perfect concoction award goes to the Iced Matcha Latte

Iced Matcha Latte

Iced chocolate

My overall experience at Kith Café was great. The staffs were friendly, attentive, and I like their work attitude. It was rare to have waiters talking to customers but our waiter did a great job. I like the al fresco dining and I like the cozy feel "out of" the hustle bustle of Orchard Road. I will definitely come back - for more sandwiches. 

Kith Café 

Park Mall, 01-01E
9 Penang Road, Singapore 238459
+65 6338 6811 

My rating: 4/5


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