Wimbly Lu

After having dinner at Lola's Cafe, my friends and I decided to grab some dessert. In that area, I always remembered that I wanted to visit Wimbly Lu, so we decided to give it a try. It was around 10pm on a Saturday evening when we arrived and there was still a long line! We waited for about 15 minutes before we finally got our table. 

I love the ambient at Wimbly Lu. In the evening it felt so cozy and peaceful. Yellow lightbulbs with colorful confetti lights - so comforting. 

We were pretty full after dinner, but I was so tempted to give the chocolatey goodies a try. I ordered the Flourless Chocolate Cake ($6) and a Champagne Truffle ($2).

The Flourless Chocolate Cake was drizzled with hot caramel sauce. A bite into the cake and you would realize how rich this was. This flourless chocolate cake falls into the more fudgy, wet, and rich category. It was surely nice, full of chocolate, and moist. However, it would be good to share a slice with a friend. 

Flourless chocolate cake with salted caramel sauce

I expected the Champagne Truffle to taste wonderfully good, but sadly it was too sweet for my liking. The texture was good but definitely not out of the world. I ended up ordering more Dark Chocolate Truffles ($2 each) to go. 

Champagne truffle

For drinks, I ordered the Mayan Hot Chocolate ($6). I was really excited to see this on the menu! Ever since I tried Cuban spiced hot chocolate in Victor's 1949 Kitchen back in Minneapolis, I couldn't look at regular hot chocolate the same way anymore. The Mayan Hot Chocolate is way spicier and thicker. Be prepared to sip a cup of iced water while finishing your hot cocoa. Nevertheless, I would definitely order this cuppa again whenever I came back to Wimbly Lu. 

Mayan hot chocolate

My friends ordered the Iced Chocolate ($7) and hot Tea in a Pot ($5). I did not get a chance to try their drinks, but they commented that their drinks were good too! Especially the Iced Chocolate.

Iced chocolate

Tea in a pot

Wimbly Lu is definitely a great dessert place, especially if you love chocolate. If the location is more strategically located, I would frequent the cafe more regularly. Perhaps someday I will return for their waffles. 

Menu can be found here.

Wimbly Lu

15-2 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987
+65 6289 1489

My Rating: 4/5


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