The Bravery

On the Vesak Holiday my friends and I decided to have an afternoon chill at Windowsill in the Woods. Alas when we reached there, we were put on the waiting list and waiting time was around 1 to 2 hours. We walked towards the direction of Antoinette and discovered a "signboard-less" cafe with quiet a good crowd. We entered and found out that it was actually The Bravery. 

For the drinks, my friends ordered the Lavender Latte ($5.5) and San Pellegrino ($4). My friends placed their order and got their drinks within a reasonable amount of time. 

Lavender latte

Then I placed my order of Earl Grey with milk on the side ($4) with Raunchy Eggs ($14) as the food item. I was really hungry as I had not had a meal since I woke up, but was forced to wait for almost 30 minutes for my food to arrive at my table. Apparently they almost forgot about my tea as I asked for it once my food arrived, and they started preparing it then. I had to re-ask for my milk as well. 

Earl grey with milk, raunchy eggs

Raunchy eggs: 2 fried eggs, spicy beans, anchovies,  parmesan, shredded cabbage, tortilla
At this point I was starving, and dug into my colorless food. Usually food tastes nicer if you are hungry, but definitely not in this case. On my plate is a soggy tortilla, "freshly-cut" unseasoned chunks of cabbage, over-salted "beans (or was that chili?), and two slightly overdone sunny side ups. The only thing that was right on the plate was the sunny side up. Set aside the taste, the preparation was poorly executed. I was really disappointed with my food that I wanted to just order another serving of Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice at Kitchener Road nearby. 

My friend commented that her Lavender Latte was not bad, and tasted slightly like chai latte. The San Pellegrino and my tea was off the shelf hence I find no need commenting on them. 

The next time, with so many different cafes available in the area, I find no reason coming back to The Bravery anymore. I really wanted to try the Brave Begedil that was sold out when I came, but was unsure if it would actually taste delicious. 

The Bravery

66 Horne Road, Singapore 209073
+65 6225 4378

My Rating: 1/5


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